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Start with John Feierabend's First Steps in Music curriculum, then pick up his other books for more songs you can add to the curriculum. Feierabend's CD's, including Keeping the Beat! and Move It!, help you to use recordings of great classical music for movement activities. I use the songs and recordings from Feierabend's resources for all my classes from ages 3 to 6. I use selections from these materials with older students as well.

Dr. RizzRazz

Feierabend's repertoire is a pretty good start, but it doesn't have the diversity of repertoire, especially when considering the variety of tonalities and meters. I'd still use a lot of it.

Also, using good classical recordings is great. But, also, use jazz, blues, world music, EVERYTHING that you think is great music. Move expressively to it all. Sing tonal patterns and rhythm patterns.

You're on the great track, but I'd just use more diversity of music—stylistic, cultural, and contextual.


I agree about needing more diversity than what's in the Feierabend curriculum. I like to use other materials within the Feierabend structure as well. I started bringing in more world music last year, and the kids loved it. Are there any listening suggestions you could make from jazz and blues that would be good for movement?

Dr. RizzRazz

Q: What is your synopsis of Feierabend's structure?

Here's a list of repertoire I've used for movement.

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