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Without measured assessments, how do we show the progress of an individual student's development in any subject? My assessment system for elementary music uses a simple rubric which helps me to monitor the student's development of vocal and rhythm skills and inform parents of their progress. I also inform parents of the student's level of participation and cooperation in music activities. Is it fair to measure the kids' progress in these four categories and share the information with them and their parents? You bet it is! My students and their parents agree. This system holds me accountable for teaching the standards and holds the kids accountable for being on task in music class. It also justifies my program and builds the students' confidence by demonstrating their progress, which almost always improves.

My elementary assessment rubric:
My middle school band assessment rubric (scroll to the bottom):

Dr. RizzRazz

You're dead on. I agree with you on everything here. I'm glad you're using assessments. They are valuable as one of a few great tools in a teacher's utility bag. The next step would be to test their reliability. That's goes to a whole other level.

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